Grant Review Committee Mission Statement

To assist The Foundation in its mission by recommending allocations of available resources to address significant needs in the Barry Community.

The Barry Community Foundation awards grants throughout Barry County for a wide variety of programs and projects that positively impact the lives of its residents. The following are considerations that the grant review committee follows when reviewing each grant proposal. The grant committee looks for matches between grant requests and field of interest funds when reviewing the proposals.

The guidelines adopted by the grant review committee are intended to be non-exclusive and objective.  Their purpose is to help determine the merits of a proposal in addition to stimulating analysis relating to the needs of the Barry Community.

If you are considering submitting a proposal, please read these guidelines to ensure that you are addressing issues the committee will be reviewing.

Grant Information

  • Does the applicant demonstrate a clear understanding of The Foundation’s mission?
  • Is there evidence of commitment on part of board, staff & volunteers?
  • Does the applicant have a strong, capable board & staff?
  • Are the board & staff representative of Barry County (diverse in gender, race, etc.)?
  • Is the organization well-supported, administered and operated?
  • Does the requesting organization demonstrate a clear plan, complete with measurable goals, objectives and strategies?
  • Is the project sensible, feasible and realistic?

  • Do the proposed project needs fall within or help to accomplish the mission of The Foundation (To develop and manage endowed funds for helping & involving the people of Barry County to make a positive difference in their lives) & the applicant?
  • Is there a clear statement of purpose and desire?
  • Does the project have sufficient risk-value to energize/arouse others in Barry County to support its action?
  • Will the situation or opportunity call for exception to these guidelines?

  • Is the need for the project demonstrated in the proposal?
  • Is the program/project already in existence?
  • If yes, is this replication or duplication of value to the community?
  • If not, does the program have the capacity to generate a useful model for others to follow?
  • If the project initiative is innovative, original or unique, does it have potential for success in fulfilling community needs?
  • What is the potential for long or short-term community impact/benefit?
  • Will this project offer opportunities to build community coalitions and/or increased networking opportunities among community groups/agencies?
  • Will the project help to eliminate, treat or prevent a problem?

  • Are the financial resources and budget for the project adequate, realistic and achievable?
  • How significant will this grant be in the overall funding of the project?
  • Is other financial support necessary from the community? Will this proposal attract other donors?
  • Is ongoing support necessary? Is there a plan for long-term sustainability that is realistic and achievable?
  • Does the proposal fit the requirements of a specific fund? (Does it meet the wishes of the donor?)
  • Should this award be a multi-year grant?
  • Is our grant critical to the success of the program?
  • Is BCF picking up where other support has been lost or exhausted?  Is The Foundation filling gaps in funding?
  • Does the proposal show committed in-kind support and/or other funding sources?
  • Does the project make use of resources efficiently & effectively?

  • Who will benefit from this grant?
  • Is the number of individuals served proportionate to the dollar amount awarded?
  • Will the grant award promote opportunities for community residents to improve their lifestyles?
  • Does the proposal estimate the impact of the project on the community?
  • Does the proposal promote self-sufficiency?

  • Does the project allow for ongoing evaluation and determination of progress?
  • Are the details and format of the evaluation described in the proposal adequate for BCF requirements? (i.e., Will the evaluation provide usable results and analyses of strategies and objectives?)
  • What will we know about the program/project when the evaluation is complete?

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