Frequently asked questions

Navigating through the scholarship application process can often times be challenging. You are not alone. Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers.

Q. When is the scholarship deadline?

A. March 15th. That means a copy of your application along with the necessary attachments is delivered or postmarked by March 15th to the Barry Community Foundation.

Q. If I am applying for multiple scholarships and each require letters of recommendation, how many letters do I need to send in?

A. You only need one set of letters of recommendation. If one scholarship requires three letters and another requires two, it is only necessary to submit three letters.

Q. Do I need to submit a copy of my FAFSA?

A. No. It is not required to submit a copy of your FAFSA. You will need to complete the FAFSA in order to complete the online scholarship application, but it is not necessary to submit a copy of the FAFSA with your application.

Q. If a scholarship requirement states, “The preferred student will be chosen based on the following considerations: school and community activities, work experience, essay content.” Does that mean I need to complete an additional essay?

A. No. This is just to give you an indication of what the scholarship review board will be looking for. You only need to complete the essay portion of the online application. Scholarships will give specific information if they require additional essay submissions.

Q. Do I need to complete all of the essay questions?

A. Yes. All of the questions are required. It is important to spend time on the essay questions. Make sure to edit and spell check your work. Essays can be written in Word and copied into the application. The essays are what will set you apart from other applicants. Spending extra time will improve your chances of being selected for a scholarship.

Q. Can I save my work, or does the application have to be completed all at once?

A. You can save your work and return to the applications as many times as you need prior to March 15th.

Q. What happens if I don’t get all of my attachments in by the deadline?

A. Incomplete applications, or applications without the appropriate attachments, will not be considered by the scholarship committee. It is important to read the instructions completely. You are required to submit an official transcript, so make sure you contact your guidance counselors well before the deadline.

Q. How do I know what scholarships I am eligible for?

A. There is a list of scholarship requirements listed on the Barry Community Foundation website, redirect to that page by clicking here. Read through the list. Each scholarship has unique specifications that may fit well with your qualifications.

Q. The Essay section says I have 3500 characters, what does that mean?

A. 3500 characters includes letters, punctuation and spaces. You are allowed 3500 characters per essay.

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